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Tame Bill

The Man and His Myth

Photo Gallery

New Costume New Costume WILD BILL Yes, these are the buckskins worn by Jeff Bridges in the Movie WILD BILL. The hat was made by Barons Hats from the original blocks used to make Bridges dress gray hat. The buckskins are brain tanned deerskin, embellished with red, white, and blue embroidery, seed beads, golden flower studs, red leather piping and long leather fringe. The buttons are elk antler bone and tunic, and pants are silk lined. They were made for Jeff Bridges by Muto and Little of Burbank, CA and labelled as such. J.B. is handwritten in black ink on both garments. I would say they are in fine to excellent condition, showing minor soiling. 206361096 WILD BILL The best part they fit! 206361095